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If you sent a package inside the U.S. that was lost, damaged, or had broken or missing pieces and it was covered by insurance, fill the form bellow, your insurance may have been included with the Doc Shipping Logistics service or purchased separately.

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    Doc Shipping Logistics provides a range of logistics, warehousing, distribution, trucking, and supply chain management services.

    At Doc Shipping Logistics, we are committed to providing our clients with reliable and quality service. Our years of experience in the industry ensure that we know how to find the best solution for our customers.

    To use Doc Shipping Logistics, you’ll need to contact us directly so that we can discuss your individual needs and determine the best solution for you.

    Yes, at Doc Shipping Logistics, we understand the importance of keeping your business information confidential. We always strive to keep our clients’ personal and sensitive information secure while ensuring discretion.

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